Getting Started


It's really easy and we'll guide you through every step needed to setup this VPN on your laptop.

First off, we'll like you to know that NP VPN service is setup and maintained by students of Ngee Ann Poly. We are unaffiliated with Ngee Polytechnic. NP VPN service runs on SoftEther VPN and you will have to connect to this VPN through SoftEther software. You will not be able to connect to the NP VPN service if you're outside the Ngee Ann Campus network.

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Go to your System Preferences > Security & Privacy and allow apps downloaded from anywhere. This is required because Tunnelblick is not an official app from Apple app-store.

Step 1

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Download and install Tunnelblick. Also, download our OpenVPN config.

Tunnelblick OpenVPN configuration file

Step 2

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You will be warned that Tunnelblick is downloaded from the Internet. However, you can safely ignore this warning and proceed to click Open.

Step 3

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Once you're done with the installation, run the OpenVPN configuration file you have downloaded from us.

Step 4

Meow 5

Now, look to the top right hand corner of your Mac's screen and you will be able to find Tunnelblick. Click on it and connect to our VPN using the following details:

  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: canbeanythingyouwant
Step 5

Meow 6

You should now be connected to our VPN.

Step 6

And you're all set!

See how fast that was? It only took 6 meows to complete everything. Do follow us on Twitter @NP_VPN for updates.


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Unaffiliated with Ngee Ann Polytechnic.